Top 20 BOATS in STORM! So TINY vs MONSTER WAVES! Astonished Video Compilation HD

Top 20 BOATS in STORM!  So TINY vs MONSTER WAVES! Astonished Video Compilation
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Tiny motor boats in storm! This is how the art of shipbuilders is tested for strength. In any bad weather, the boat must remain stable, so that there is no danger of overturning or, even more sinking of the vessel. Also, the boat must remain manoeuvrable and totally controlled so that huge waves do not throw it from side to side, but following the captain's desire it will keep the course. And of course the motor boat should be fast. This Compilation is cut from sea trial and random shots during a storm.

Original Videos:
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Big storm, pilot boats in 10m waves

Mooring breaks and boat heads out to sea during heavy rain


Surf extrême à Southport Seaway

Les cowboys de la houle - Documentaire Thalassa

Thunder Child's' sea trials in storm force conditions.

Boat in Rough Seas and Gale Force Winds

Two Barracuda's on rough weather sea trials in 'Storm Desmond'


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